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Easily manage your loads with the OnLoad mobile app & admin dashboard
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Real-Time Mobile Load Management

Easily manage your loads with the OnLoad mobile app & admin dashboard
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The OnLoad Journey

Solve for missing documents and scheduling delays with our app’s robust features


Step 1

Create and Assign a Load

To create a load, press “Add Load” in the dashboard and either select a PDF to upload and scan, or manually enter the load’s information.

Track and Schedule in Real-time

Dispatchers can track their assets in real-time and receive updates regarding asset availability and ETAs to the next stop.

Load Acceptance

Step 2

Current & Upcoming Loads

Drivers can view current and future loads assigned to them as well as see specific details such as driver pay, documents, and load notes.

Accepting and Rejecting Loads

Once the load has been assigned, the driver will be notified and can accept or reject the load, and OnLoad will immediately notify the administrator.

Details & Submission

Step 3

Upload Documents

Users can upload shipping documents such as BOLs and rate confirmations, resulting in a 100% document upload guarantee.

Complete & Submit Load

Once the load is completed, drivers can review all associated paperwork for each stop and submit for administrator approval.

Admin Approval

Step 4

Review Submission

Admins receive load submissions from drivers, including shipping documents associated with the load, which they can approve or reject and ask for revisions.

Schedule Payment

After load submissions have been approved, administrators can schedule invoices or payments.

Manage twice the loads in half the time.

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Live Location Tracking + ETA

Track your assets - get real time load updates and ETAs.

Asset Scheduling

Schedule out your assets, and find available trucks to take more loads.

Smart Document Scan

Scan and upload shipping documents to extract info for load creation.

Driver Mobile App

Allow your drivers to send and receive real time load updates.

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